Navigating in Information Technology

Company profile

Prime Directive B.V. is an IT consultancy company specialized in the area of Identity & Access Management (IAM) and IT services for Traffic Management Centres (TMC).

Identity & Access Management

Our consultants have extensive experience in IT architecture and program management within the IAM domain. Prime Directive's services are independent of specific IAM products. We do however have extensive knowledge of the leading IAM products and have in-depth expertise regarding technologies which play an important role within IAM solutions.

IAM is not a once-off initiative, instead it is a journey that may broadly impact the IT business processes and infrastructure of the customer. Therefore Prime Directive combines IAM expertise with strong program management skills to ascertain that - in addition to the proposed architecture - there is a feasible migration strategy as well. Our approach combined with the knowledge and skills of our consultants enable us to fulfil the role of trusted advisor and navigator for the IAM initiatives of our clients.

Traffic Management Centres

Furthermore Prime Directive is specialized in the area of Traffic Management Centres. The IT services that Prime Directive offer range from architecture and design to development and operational support. Our major client in this domain is the city of Amsterdam which is already making use of our services since 1997.


Prime Directive is led by core values, which underpin our client engagements:

  • Excellence - exceed expectations and deliver quality service in everything we do.
  • Trust - creating mutual trust by building relationships.
  • Integrity - matching words with deeds and telling clients like it is.
  • Teamwork - combining own, client and partner capabilities for the best results.
  • Global perspective - our practices, networks and experience reflect a global orientation.
  • Results driven - focus on achieving tangible results in an agreed upon timeframe.


We differentiate ourselves through:

  • Our vision and style - Architecture is inextricably bound up with vision. Prime Directive has a vision which is based on our extensive knowledge, experience and creativity, combined with a style characterized by simplicity and transparency.
  • We offer a combination of architecture and program management skills - our service extends from strategy to implementation. We emphasize on communication and embedding of the architecture within our client's organization.
  • Multiple dimensional approach - Conceptual thinking combined with thorough technical knowledge. We have the capability to cover a broad spectrum from high level enterprise architecture to specific solution design. We can work top-down but also work upwards from a specific problem area into the bigger framework.
  • Expertise and experience - We can rely on a broad array of knowledge and skills and many years of proven experience in various industries and challenging environments.